Men's League


Mens League:


Shinu Thomas


St. Gregorios Men’s League was started as St. Gregorios Youth League, but later to comply to the thought that not only the youth, but men also need to have a movement to meet with their own spiritual and peer needs.

St. Gregoios Men’s League discusses various spiritual matters often times to pursue the spiritual development of their own as well as in the scope of heads of families. Various discussions of social and political interests are also planned and executed under the leadership of Men’s League.

Another important activity of Men’s League is the upkeep of Church premises. Cosmetic improvements to make the Church yard beautiful and attractive are an area that the Men’s League gives utmost preference. The eruction of Church Sign Board was a great achievement of the St. Gregorios Men’s League members.

Mr. Sunilmon.K.Joy and Mr. Shinu Thomas serve as Secretaries of St. Gregorios Men’s League.